Nov 24, 1999 - 01:12 PST
Skeet the Strogg has undergone a name change, and is now called Strogg Safari.

Nov 23, 1999 - 10:13 PST
Padded out the rest of the Skeet the Strogg page.

Nov 23, 1999 - 02:04 PST
Did some more work on version 0.2 the Skeet the Strogg mod. There's also some screenshots of people you're likely to meet in the game, even though the rules are not up yet.

Nov 22, 1999 - 19:07 PST
Modified the mods page so that they'd list all three mods. I also padded out the Brimstone Action mod page with details on it finally, as well as a binary server downloadable.

Nov 21, 1999 - 23:49 PST
Started work on a new Quake2 mod, Skeet the Strogg. The local server ( is now playing skeet 24x7 to test this mod.

Old News

Sep 11, 1999 - 09:19 PDT
I removed the "LIGHTS" and "CAMERA" portions of the location action quake init spammage. I never liked it, and it just clutters up the console(s). The friendly action voice still says it, though...

Sep 6, 1999 - 21:01 PDT
I added some more minor modifications to the local action quake server. There's now minor z-bot and ratbot detection. The bots aren't booted, but they are given a slight handicap (at touch more damage when hit), plus, when they die they gib spectacularly, giving their opponents a sense of reward.

Aug 1, 1999 - 00:54 PDT
I've been doing some minor modifications to the action quake (v1.52) that we run here on brimstone from time to time. I've added compass point navigation and messaging to help with the team-coordination in team play mode. I've also put a tutorial of the changes I made up on the new Machiaphilia tutorials page.

Jul 29, 1999 - 12:54 PDT
Installed ActionQuake 1.52 on the brimstone server, and have started going over the source.

Jul 18, 1999 - 11:58 PDT
Installed ActionQuake 1.51 on the brimstone server. The default setup for when it's running is teamplay, with two default grenades.

Jul 18, 1999 - 01:10 PDT
There's now a round-robin mode to the St. Vitus Teamplay mod; which is useful if there are only a few people on the server. In the round robin mode, everyone starts on the victors team, but they're able to kill each other. The first one to die forms the plague team. From this point on, the victors can get points fragging the plague team, and the plague team gains members from the victors every time they kill a player on the victor team. When the last memeber of victor team is slain, the round starts over again.

Jul 13, 1999 - 03:04 PDT
I've fixed the crash that was killing the St.Vitus teamplay mode, there was a bug in the menu'ing system that I was using. It should be fairly stable and playable now.

Jul 12, 1999 - 02:20 PDT
I've put a pack of various red and blue CTF skins on the local mirror directory at (731K), for use with the latest mod to St. Vitus.

Jul 12, 1999 - 00:41 PDT
I've been working on v0.5 of the St. Vitus mod. The major change to the 0.5 version is the addition of team play. I'm wrestling with a really annoying crash that strikes if a player leaves, rejoins, and then a frag/time/round limit is reached. Gah. It's fun playing though.

Jul 5, 1999 - 01:04 PDT
It's been a while, but since the city1 sky was recently used in the Mesto action map, I got off my duff and concocted another Action city sky; city2. I'm not that thrilled by the final outcome, but it's there. It's my first env using Bryce 4... I'm still up in arms about whether it was worth spending the more money on Bryce 4, but it does have some nice new features.

Apr 12, 1999 - 01:03 PDT
A Windows/NT DLL of the 0.4 version of St.Vitus has been ported by CheezHankrn of clan RHI (Reality Harvesting inc.), and builders of the upcoming G.E.C.C.T.T. total conversion for Q2/Q3.

Mar 18, 1999 - 11:20 PST
I've added a little more code to the st.vitus mod; it now groks the nature of the two different "team flag" points on CTF maps, and will call the two depots by their zone's colors for easier understanding.

Mar 14, 1999 - 22:35 PST
I've released version v0.4 of the St. Vitus mod, both the server binary and the source code.

I've also put up screenshots to the latest level I'm working on, Son of Caduceus.

Mar 12, 1999 - 15:54 PST
I'm holding a test the cut frag-fest for v0.4 of St.Vitus this Sunday (March 14th) from 7pm to 10pm (PST). Feel free to join us in banging on the latest cut of this mod so I can feel safe in handing it out to the internet. ("connect")

Mar 11, 1999 - 22:42 PST
Added two features to the St. Vitus mod today; the first is a yellow flash that appears on the infected player screen close to dying when they actually have the St. Vitus Virus, and the second is that I have those annoying deathmatch hexes go away when they aren't in use.

I also changed the standard map line-up now for St.Vitus. When there's less than 5 people on it's as follows:

  • grind, brtfg, bkhw02, ecdm1, rebeange, Fatal1, q2dm1, tiers, EAGLE, hardange
When there's more than five people on it's:
  • apq2dm1, q2dm8, fusion, q2dm2, ikdm4, q2dm5

If you don't have some of these maps, I mirror them here and offer my homegrown ones here.

Mar 2, 1999 - 15:09 PST
Hmmm, nothing new at Machiaphilia, but I see that we're listed in two new locations:
  • The Index lists St.Vitus at ModCentral.
  • The Action Quake2 Map Depot is listing Woebane's Skies on their skies page.

    Feb 25, 1999 - 12:40 PST
    I broke out the last five skyboxes from the skypack. They're now individually available as the last five entries on the eskoth skies page.

    Feb 25, 1999 - 03:38 PST
    I've produced the first of my city skyline skyboxes. It's my first of the set, so I hope they look better as they go along. It actually looks kinda decent when I loaded it up in Quake2, but on it's own it lacks something.
    I also put up the complete panoramas of the missing 5 eskoth skyboxes.

    Feb 24, 1999 - 16:50 PST
    I put up the full panorama images for most (15 out of 20) of the skyboxes I've done for quake. You can view them by clicking on the smaller images on both the Bard Skies and Eskoth Skies pages.

    Feb 13, 1999 - 02:54 PST
    I put in a couple screenshots of the timelimit/fraglimit triggered victory pose screen in action.

    Feb 11, 1999 - 22:03 PST
    I fixed a bug in the Irradiator code of the St. Vitus mod that caused it to crash the game if it was fired into slime or lava. It's the same bug as was crashing the game when the rail gun was fired into slime or lava.
    I also now make a clone of the winning player after any given level is completed so that durring the intermission everyone has an entity to view. For kicks and giggles I put the player in one of 12 taunting poses to torment those that didn't win.

    Feb 7, 1999 - 22:04 PST
    heyheyhey! Sluggo at ModCentral gave dear old St. Vitus a review. Check it out at

    Feb 7, 1999 - 17:58 PST
    I put up a screenshot of the Nitro being used in the St. Vitus mod.

    Feb 7, 1999 - 15:00 PST (aprox)
    Started work on the Dawn of the Dead mod. This mod is what I was originally planning to do when I go to experimenting with mod code (and thus the St. Vitus Mod was born of those experiments). The Dawn of the Dead mod will pit all the players vs a legion of undead zombies, and as the players die off they will join the legion of undead until the last living player dies. Then the round will begin again. Zombies will get no weapons, and be forced to take on the living in undead wave attacks.

    Feb 6, 1999 - 18:50 PST
    I've put up some screenshots of the latest level I've been working on, Caduceus. It's specially built for the St. Vitus mod. When I actually put some guns and ammo on it I'll release a playtest zip file for it.

    Jan 31, 1999 - 01:16 PST
    A couple of bug fixes are running on the local v0.4 St.Vitus server. I think I fixed that odd crash that happened every once in a while when a new person would connect. Plus we only record positive victories in the St.Vitus winlog.

    Jan 28, 1999 - 15:42 PST
    It's never finished, is it? The readme text file (brtfg.txt) that I'd put in the 12:30 AM zip file still has some of the old playtest information. I've rerolled the zip file with the new readme. The jist of the change is: a) it's no longer a playtest map, and b) it's now free to distribute.

    Jan 28, 1999 - 00:29 PST
    I've cut the final version of the Temple of the False God Quake2 DM map. It's available for downloads in the maps directory. I've added another weapon (the chaingun, just for you, Sun Ra) and I think I've fixed those annoying ENV map problems. This map (brtfg.bsp) should replace the old map (brhw7.bsp).

    Jan 27, 1999 - 01:40 PST
    Testing went well, thanks to those of you who hammered on it for me. A bug was found and fixed, and Nitro was explored in a combat setting. The happy upshot of all this is that I can now slap a big bad GO sticker on both the v0.3 Server DLL and the v0.3 Source packages. See the Downloads page for more information.

    Jan 26, 1999 - 01:02 PST
    The beta test of the version 0.3 is scheduled on this server ( for Tuesday Jan 26th at 8:30 pm PST. Feel free to log in and help us pound on it. The map list is currently:
    • grind, brtfg, bkhw02, ecdm1, Fatal1, sardauk, funhouse, q2dm1, tiers, jabbar, EAGLE, hardange
    with the following thrown in automaticly if the server has a lot of people on it:
    • apq2dm1, q2dm8, fusion, q2dm2, ikdm4, q2dm5
    If you don't have some of these maps, I mirror them here and offer my homegrown ones here.

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